• Cinematographer's play an important role in film making

    What is a Cinematographer?

    Being a cinematographer isn’t the most glamorous profession in filmmaking. While everyone can name lots of film stars and maybe even a few directors, most people would hard pressed to come up with even one director of photography.

  • The two types of photography

    Analogue or Digital Photography?

    For a new photographer, it may be hard to decide whether you want to try analogue or digital photography. Both have their boons and both have their falls, and although you can always check online or ask around to try to find out which is the best, the only real way of establishing which is […]

  • Fotos can be rewarding

    Photography for Pleasure and Profit

    Photography can be a very rewarding business for the ardent photo clicker in you. If knowing the difference between a full stop and an f/stop means something to you, and you enjoy building a gallery of photos, photography could be your full-time business. So many exciting opportunities exist ranging between art and journalism. Whatever it […]


The Logo is the company symbol

The Power of a Good Company Logo

A company logo is a symbol. This may seem obvious, but it’s vital to appreciate the gargantuan power that such insignias wield. It’s because of this power that nations establish their seats of government in iconic buildings and that an entire branch of jurisprudence protects trademark ownership. It’s no wonder that symbolism is exploited to […]